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"An airline pilot has a first-class-seat, window-with-a-view chance to see the world. An airline pilot gets to maneuver the throttles of a fast, faster, fastest machine, zoom down runways with only the future in the way, lift into the sky to play with the clouds, watch heaven's light dance, count the stars in the blackest nights."


Hey, my name is Sam, I like planes. Most of the pictures posted here are original.

My Berlin blog:

wowwww all of this Paris Air Show news is so exciting…BUT ITS EVEN MORE EXCITING BECAUSE I GET TO ATTEND IT ON SATURDAY


haaaaaa it was super embarrassing! But a great souvenir


uh hey, do i know you? will be posted when i get a copy

oh wait, I didn’t realize that I posted this to my av blog! didnt mean to sound rude, that blog is just more closely followed by friends/family.

Guess who is going to be featured on an internationally broadcasted documentary about clubbing in berlin? This girl!!! See you on deutsche welle!


shoutout to 90’s kids for being proudest of their decade for no reason

Probably my least favorite topic of conversation is 90s shows. They are somehow always brought up -_-

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